IKCU in line with offering E-services through cooperation with Sepah bank is providing 

Union Magnetic Card. In order to use this card customers shall open a short term saving

union card account in one of the IKCU branches and receiving Union Magnetic Card the 

customer is able to use the E-Services. 

E-banking is to provide opportunities for customers to improve the speed and efficiency

in providing banking services and between branches and intrabank processes to 

customers that they can use without having to be physically present at the bank, at 

any time of day and night through secure communication channels with the confidence 

to do their own banking operations.

Among Iranian likewise other people in other countries giving gifts is likely 

beautiful and desirable. Accordingly, IKCU issued a personalized gift card 

which considers customers interests.

A Brief Look at IKCU

IKCU was stablished in 2000 In order to implement the orders of the Supreme Leaderand the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution in line with the strategic plans with respect to the vision of IKCO as a financial institution. Currently, the company with opning up new branches and counters in most companies and units of IK industrial group which is the largest car producer in the Middle East in compliance with the rules and regulations of Islamic banking and the use of modern technology and efficient use of personnel and specialists, financial services needed are provided for individuals and legal persons.

IKCU special short term saving account (3,6,9 month)
special prize for the 10th lottery for Gharzolhasaneh saving account
special prize for the 10th lottery for Gharzolhasaneh saving account
IKCU (0 to 100) plan